Submit your talk

No workshop without presentations - so, if you do something special with Perl that you would like to present or you have a project that you would like to get feedback on from highly experienced Perl users, this is a great opportunity.

40, 20 or just 5 min.

For more extensive topics there will be 40 min. speaking time available, but you can also submit shorter talks of 20 min. and lightning talks of only 5 min.

How to submit a talk?

You find the link Submit a talk proposal in several places:

  • In the menu: Presentations/Submit a talk proposal
  • On your page Account settings (Account/Settings)
  • Or right here: Submit a talk proposal

A few weeks before the workshop, we'll put together a program from all talks submitted.

The earlier, the better

If a talk is submitted early, it has of course better chances if the program is getting full, and other visitors will probably also appreciate it if they can get a preview of the talks on offer early on.