Friday, 19th of April 2013
  9h30 AM — 6h00 PM (+socializing)
    Stayokay Arnhem
      Diepenbrocklaan 27
        6815 AH Arnhem


Workshop fee

To cover our expenses we ask for the following workshop fee:

150 for business attendees (coming on behalf of companies)
75 for private attendees
0 for attendees with limited financial means (please first briefly state a reason by email to, one line is enough)

(Prices include 21% VAT.)

Of course we will also appreciate any additional sponsoring.

What you get for this

  • A full day of high-level Perl-related presentations
  • T-shirt of the Dutch Perl Workshop 2013
  • Lunch and dinner
  • Tea, coffee and cookies all day long
  • Fresh original Limburgse vlaai, especially brought by our sponsor Dijkmat from the South of the Netherlands.

How to pay

You are free to pay either by bank transfer or by creditcard using our online payment system.

  • Online payment
    • Attention: the option for online payment is only visible when applicable, i.e. when you're logged in, registered for the workshop and haven't paid yet.
    • If all this is the case, there will be a link purchase your conference ticket online on your page Account settings. If you click this link, you will be guided through the online payment process.
    • After successfully completing this process, your new payment status will immediately be displayed on your page Account settings.
  • Bank transfer
    • Maak het geld over naar:
      Account no.

      Rabobank, Acct. no.
      (IBAN: NL27RABO0324627238)
      Account name Stichting Perl Promotie Nederland
      Place Beverwijk
      Description NLPW2013 <last name> <first name>
      (or similar description that makes sense in your case)

    • Your payment status will show up on your page Account settings once our treasurer has seen the payment and entered it into the system.


Your payment status will show up on your page Account settings. If applicable this will include a link to an invoice page. At the top of the invoice page you will also find a link to a print-friendly version of the invoice (without the site background and menus) which you can print out yourself.