What do I have to do to attend...?

Everything about registering, payment, invoice, accommodation...


This site, like many other Perl conferences, uses Act ‒ a multilingual conference hosting platform written in Perl.

This has two steps to attending the conference:

  1. Registering for the workshop by...
  2. Pay the conference fee
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Registering by creating a new account

The account you need is a single account that is valid for all Perl conferences using Act. If you already have one, see below under Registering with an existing account.
To create a new account follow these steps:
  • Click New User in the menu on the left.
  • Enter an email address and click OK.
  • You receive an email with a link. Open it in a browser.
  • You get to a page on which you choose your login name and fill in a few details about yourself (first and last name, email, country, T-shirt size). Confirm by clicking Join!
  • You're now logged in for the first time.
  • By creating your account on the site of the Dutch Perl workshop 2010, you've also registered for this workshop. If that wasn't what you wanted, you can simply unregister (Log in / Edit profile / unregister from Dutch Perl Workshop 2010). Your account will continue to exist.
Note: Your initial password is generated by the system. Make sure you remember it or change it right away by Edit profile / change your password.
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Registering with an existing account

If you already have an account, you can register in just a few steps:
  • Log in
  • Click Edit profile in the main menu to go to the personal page for your account
  • Under "You can:" click "register for this conference"
  • Click join Dutch Perl Workshop 2010
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The rates are (incl. 19% VAT):
50  for all speakers
100  for non-speakers coming from commercial companies
75  for non-speakers coming as private attendees

You can pay your workshop fee:

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Online payment

To pay online, you choose the option purchase your conference ticket on your personal page. This option always takes you to the online payment by credit card. If you prefer a direct bank transfer, that's fine with us too. See below under Bank transfer.
The option purchase your conference ticket is only visible in the appropriate circumstances, i.e. if you are logged in as a user who ...:
  1. ... is registered as an attendee of the workshop (otherwise there's nothing to pay) and...
  2. ... hasn't paid yet (otherwise there's nothing to pay any more).
If that applies to you, you can pay online as follows:
  • Log in
  • Click Edit profile in the main menu
  • Under "You can:" click "purchase your conference ticket"
  • Check the check-box Registration and select the radio button for your rate
  • Optionally fill in an amount as donation
  • Click Buy now!
  • A few more steps for the credit card payment on an external site.
Once you've paid online, the amount you paid will immediately show up at the top of your personal page (the one you open by Edit profile).
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Bank transfer

You can also pay by bank transfer to the Dutch bank account listed below (for example if you don't like credit cards or if a company wants to pay for a whole group at once):
  Account nr. :
Account name: Stichting Perl Promotie
Place       : Beverwijk
Description : DPW2010:<last name> <first name>
  (or similar description that makes sense in your case)
Once our treasurer has seen that the amount has been received, he will manually enter that you have paid and what the amount is. At that time that amount will show up at the top of your personal page (opened by Edit profile) just as with the online payment.
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You can print your invoice yourself from this site (Log in, then Edit profile / view all orders and invoices / Invoice).

If for any reason you need additional data on the invoice or a collective invoice for a group, contact us at


The workshop takes place in the hostel Stayokay Arnhem, and of course you can book accommodation on the site of the hostel.

But we've also booked a number of rooms specially for the participants of the workshop which you can reserve through us at our cost price, which is € 39.50 per person per night, for a bed in a double room, incl. bed sheets, towels and breakfast. Normally, this is the price for a 6-bed room.

And it couldn't be easier than booking through us: just add your name to the lists for Thursday and/or Friday in the wiki.