Workshop registration - with explanation

(for a user who is not logged in)

Since you're not logged in, you are shown information for users that may or may not already have a Perl workshop account.

If you've never been to a Perl workshop before, you can just click Register as New User and follow the instructions. This will register you for this workshop and also create a new Perl workshop account for you.

However, anybody who has been to another Perl-workshop before probably has an account already, as this and many other Perl workshops use the same conference toolkit ACT. In that case it's highly recommended to use this same account. (Saves you typing and allows others to find you again.) The Dutch Perl workshops have used these accounts since 2009.

So choose your branch:

You already have an account?
(from another Perl workshop
in the Netherlands or elsewhere)



An existing account:

You register by making a setting under Account settings.

  • First log in with your existing login name and password (if you forgot: see here).
  • After logging in, you are automa-
    tically taken to the page Account settings. You can also get there later by Account/Settings in the menu.
  • There you click on: register
No existing account - click here:

You are then taken through the registration process for new users which will both register you for the workshop and create an account for you.

  • The process consists of a number of steps with on-screen instructions.
  • If for clarity you prefer to know ahead of time what steps to expect, check the list of steps below.

List of steps in the registration process for new users:

(Just as extra information - you can simply follow the on-screen instructions)

  • In the first screen you enter an email address for the registration.
  • You receive an email with a confirmation link - open that link in your browser.
  • You are then presented with a dialog where you fill in some basic data for your account (login name, first name, surname, email, country, T-shirt size) and confirm. (All these data except your login name can be changed later on.)
  • You receive a message stating that the registration is completed and informing you of the password that has been generated for you. Make sure you remember this password or change it immediately using the link at the bottom of the page Account settings.
  • You are now registered for the workshop, have an account and are already logged into this account.