vrijdag, 19 april 2013
  9h30 — 18h00 (+naborrelen)
    Stayokay Arnhem
      Diepenbrocklaan 27
        6815 AH Arnhem


The architecture of ExtUtils::Builder

Door Leon Timmermans (‎leont‎) van Amsterdam.pm
Datum: vrijdag 19 april 2013 10:05
Duur: 20 minuten
Doelgroep: Alle
Taal: English
Tags: architecture composition moo perl portable roles toolchain

ExtUtils::Builder is a new general purpose and portable framework for compilation and linking, but this talk is about neither of those.

This talk is about its architecture. Modern, scalable, loosely coupled architecture.

Bijgewoond door: Leo Mulders (‎awkward‎),