Libperl++: Embedding perl the easy way

Door Leon Timmermans (‎leont‎) van
Datum: vrijdag 6 maart 2009 14:45
Duur: 15 minuten
Doelgroep: Gemiddeld
Taal: English
Tags: c perl

It's possible to embed Perl into applications, however this is not commonly done. Some reasons for that are that using the API requires a lot of knowledge of perl internals, and is generally rather messy and verbose.

Libperl++ is a project that tries to fix that. It wraps the perl API in easy to use abstractions.

Bijgewoond door: Henry Snoek, Sebastian Stellingwerff (‎webmind‎), Richard Still (‎Oakbox‎), Juerd Waalboer,